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The Type-I Side-by-Side represents the pinnacle of Thomas Ferney & Co.'s shotgun line and it's "Best Gun" offering. These masterpieces are made one at a time without thought to mass marketability.

The Type-1's barrels are of chopper-lump construction and drilled from premium weather aged Spanish drop forged steel. The action uses a premium Holland and Holland pattern 5-pin design, engine turned side plates. The lock spring are nitride blued gold plated hammers and sears. These works of art are meticulously crafted by hand to be the very finest examples of gun craft available. 

Conceived specifically with the upland game hunter in mind, fielding the Type-1 shotgun is akin to piloting a purpose built sports car. In the design process, special attention was given to feel and balance of this shotgun which was optimized for the smaller gauges preferred by upland enthusiast.


The pair of demibloc chopper lump barrels that make up the Type-1 are truly worthy of recognition as works of art in their own right. Born of premium drop forged steel, lined with hard white chrome and finished by hand with the traditional rust bluing method, the barrels represent the melding of modern materials and ancient artisan craft. With painstaking attention to every detail, the barrels have been drilled to exact tolerances, honed for accuracy, polished and then low temperature silver soldered to the concave center "game" rib. This guns barrel was sent for independent proof testing and received certification at 1370 BAR and for steel shot at the famous proof house in Eibar Spain.


The small frame round-body receiver of the Type-1 shotgun is finished in case hardened color and it boasts near 100% coverage in detailed hand engraving. The sleek line of rounded receiver is further enhanced by a beautifully hand sculpted smooth transition straight stock. 


The silky smooth 5-Pin action is robust made in the Holland & Holland style with hand detachable side plates, gas escape valves, double triggers, automatic safety and selective ejectors. The hammers and sears are finished in gold plate as are the double articulated triggers. The inside of the lock plates have been brightly polished then jeweled to produce a sparkling finish. Lock pins are finished with a combination of gold plating and bluing, to produce a beautiful watch movement like appearance.


The stock is of exhibition grade Turkish Walnut and designed in the traditional straight format that best complements the independent double trigger design of the receiver. Its clean round lines are unencumbered by rosettes so that the simple elegance of the rounded receiver traditions seamlessly into the upper stock. The clean elegance of the Type-1's lines are continued in the splinter type for-end. With a subtle rounding along its gently tapering sides, the forend offers the perfect complement to the hands as well as the streamlined aesthetic of this shotgun. An understated push rode release mechanism of minimalist design detracts little from the shotgun's beautiful wood. The release is located at the tip of the forend and nestled up between the barrels. No detail has been overlooked in the interplay of materials and parts that give this shotgun its unforgettable silhouette.
Hand Engraving:
The receiver engraving of this Type-1 is traditional full coverage rose and scroll in the James Purdey & Sons of London style. It is carefully hand cut using a hand graver and hammer by master engravers in Eibar Spain. The underside of the receiver features the Thomas Ferney & Co. logo inlayed in with gold for contrast against the case coloring of the receiver. The trigger guard is also finished with a tasteful flurry of engraving as well as Thomas Ferney & Co.'s signature double insignia inlayed with gold.                                            
Custom Oak & Leather Case:                                                                                                      
This Type-1 comes complete with the custom fit Oak and leather breakdown case pictured. It was hand crated in Spain specifically to fit this Type -1 shotgun. The exterior is wrapped beautiful, think full grain leather with solid brass buckles and hardware. The 100% wool felt interior is framed by satin luster oak and includes two storage compartments with leather pulls. A pair of chrome finished snap caps, and oak cleaning rod as well as a brass luggage key with leather fob complete the presentation. A matching leather and canvas protective case cover is also provided for added protection.  


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